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Dance to your favorite songs from the 60's through early 2000's.


Events will resume in Spring 2023

40 And over

Grown Folks Gathering provides a service that caters to ages 40 and over.

Since 2017

The company was established in 2017. It all started as a thought, then a plan, and went from there.

Join us in your town

We will travel to nearby cities and we’re here to entertain YOU! There is something for everyone, just know you will be in awe.

have a good time

Events are hosted in select venues where you can dance, mingle, and have a good time.

What a great time! We did not want to leave! The owners are the Hostess and host with the mostess!!!


Carol Smeltz

Yes. Just being around other Grown Folks always bring positive and great energy.

Franchise Keeling

Grown, Classy, Respectable, and they know how to have good clean fun! We keep it Real!

Bessie Hinton

Keep an eye out for this group! They’re bringing the Grown Folks events to Philly – the music, mindset, and the dress.

Tim Bayard

IMG-0022 (1).JPG

We plan and create theme related parties where grown folks gather to mix, mingle, and dance. Let's enjoy this experience together. 

"where grown folks come to play"

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Grown Folks Gathering

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