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Have you ever planned on a night out whether alone with friends or significant other? You decide on going to a club where the DJ would be spinning some oldies according to the advertisement and you already paid to get in. A few people are there, waiting in anticipation for the first song to play. He starts out with some 70's everything is going great, dancing and having a good time. Then a much younger crowd enters, and the music suddenly changes. Disappointing right? 

You need a place besides your living room where you can let your hair down, not to mention have a blast! Grown Folks Gathering provides a place for you to enjoy and relax in a beautiful ambiance setting with tables, chairs, and a dance floor. Our goal is to bring people together who still have love for the music of yesteryear and enjoy stepping out on occasion. By the end of the night, you will be sharing old memories and building new ones. Let's come together and bring it back! 

Derek & Sandra Hooks

where grown folks come to play

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Grown Folks Gathering

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